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Please don’t climb Mount Warning /Wollumbin

Wollumbin /Mount Warning has bImageeen listed in many tour guide books as a must climb experience, especially for the sunrise. The thing that most the guide books don’t mention is that it is a sacred place for the Bundjalung people and they request that uninitiated people not climb the mountain. Some people chose to ignore this request and climb it anyway, this is disrespectful and equivalent to walking into a church in a bikini.The Bundjalung men would hold ceremonies on the mountain and as such is it a sacred place for men.  The only way to respectfully experience Wollumbin is to admire it but not climb it or if you must climb it, ask a Bundjalung elder for permission.  You can see the mountain on from many vantage points, such as Crams Farm (photo), hot air ballooning, Cape Byron, Saddle rd to name but a few.


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